Secrets' Favorite

Romantic Secrets

As you may have guessed, we love a good secret, especially if it’s all about romance and intimacy. When we find a secret that’s so good it sneaks back into our daydreams and gets the heart racing, we can’t help but tell it.

Here are a few of our favorites, each with their own Secrets Superlative as a token of our admiration:

Our Favorite Way To Be Fashionably Late

Before this secret, we thought ‘fashionably late’ meant having one more cocktail before you leave the house. How wrong we were.

The Secret That Taught Us Something

Sometimes losing is best way you can win. We can’t help but think, in the case of these lovers, being a ‘sore loser’ has an entirely different meaning.

The Most Adorable Secret

It’s never about what a love song says, but what the music means. This secret is full of the sweet romance we melt for.

The Secret We All Have

That look just before the kiss is what makes the rest of the world fall away, leaving only two lovers’ eyes and lips in focus. No matter how much you kiss your partner, this moment feels like a new secret every time.

The Best Kept Secret

We’ll never know what those post-it notes say, but we assume it’s more than a grocery list.

The Secret We Can Almost Feel

When your lover knows your body so intimately, they can send you into a miniature euphoria with the right touch in just the right place.

The Secret That Will Last Forever

There’s something so exciting and sweet about having that a permanent secret that no one else will ever see.

The Secret That Makes Us Laugh

A secret doesn’t need to be sensual for it to deepen the connection between two lovers. Benwick is a wonderful middle name, and we’re overjoyed that he’s found someone who loves it as much as we do.

The Most Exciting Secret

A pair that’s just enjoying a nice dinner out in our eyes could actually be exchanging kinetic sensual tension beneath the surface. This secret just goes to show: the language lovers have with one another is amazingly specific.

Best Dressed Secret

This is one of those beautifully simple secrets, something that no one but a lover would notice, and that makes it all the more special.

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