Secrets to the Five

Languages of Love

We’re going to clue you into a little secret: there isn’t just one way to tell your lover how much you care about them. According to relationship expert Dr. Gary Chapman, there’s five languages of love that you use—with or without knowing it—to convey your emotions and feelings to your lover. And while French could be considered the most swoon worthy language of them all, that’s not the type of language we’re talking about. We’re referring to the five intuitive ways we as human beings express and understand emotional love.

So, why don’t you and your significant other (and your favorite bottle of wine) take some time to learn more about one another and get the love language conversation flowing?

Words of Affirmation

Whether it’s sweet nothings whispered over your pillow or a tender text message in the middle of the day, this lover’s heart soars when they hear compliments and words of encouragement.

Quality Time

Take them for a candlelit dinner for two and a stroll on the beach at sunset, because all this lover wants is to spend time by your side and get lost in your eyes.

Receiving Gifts

In this lover’s mind, it truly is the thought that counts. From a rose picked from the garden or surprise tickets to a show, any thoughtful gift from you will send this special someone’s heart bursting with joy.

Acts of Service

Make coffee in the morning or, better yet, bring them breakfast in bed, because for this lover the old saying rings especially true—actions speak louder than words.

Physical Touch

This lover feels affection through physical connection more than most. They love touching you, like lightly holding hands under the table at dinner or kissing you when no one’s looking or the feeling of your skin against theirs or…need we go on?

If you or your lover can’t quite decide which language you’re most fluent in (definitely understandable, because don’t all those things sound so good?), you can take the quiz to find out.

But of course, an exciting, loving relationship engages all five of the love languages. So ideally, at least once a year, you and your lover should get away for a while. Just the two of you, to spend time focusing on one another’s needs emotionally and…otherwise.

Isn’t there some Act of Service you could do for your significant other that takes you both away to a secluded place? Where you could spend some Quality Time relaxing on the beach and in your private hotel room engaging in plenty of Physical Touch and whispering Words of Affirmation?

Funny you should ask. As far as Receiving Gifts goes, a Secrets Vacation would be a pretty great place to start.

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